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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Wedding Procession


 I'm thick into the process of purge on my computer; with the delete button, save button, and external hard drive at the ready.  Today it is a case of- post this since you have been saving it forever, and then move right along, so beloved readers here you go...

I have a big crush on "The Wedding Procession of the Rag Doll and the Broom Handle and Who was in It" by Carl Sandburg.  The text of the book is as wonderfully bizarre as the title, and indeed the author is also the famed poet.  A very long time ago when Bear was in preschool, I presented this book to his class and we all acted it out.  Young children find no sticking points whatsoever with a rag doll marrying a brook handle and are all to happy to participate in the joyous wedding!

We followed the book's story line as the preschoolers acted out the pot bangers, spoon lickers, musical soup eaters, easy ticklers, bib wearers and all the other quirky characters in the wedding procession.  One child was the rag doll (Bear's mermaid doll) and another the broom handle (I used a short handled broom).  We had a blast!


When the procession ended and the doll and broom had been happily married off, the class and I celebrated by enjoying the chocolate covered plastic spoons I had brought in as a treat.  They were a breeze to make and a fun "wedding favor" as long after the chocolate had been licked off, the children still had a souvenir spoon to help them retell the story back at home.

As for Ace- these photos were in the same file.  I had given him an engrossing activity to do while Bear and I prepared the materials on the morning we were to share at preschool.  Man has the time flown!!!   

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Day of the Dead

                            (the very first time Trot "babysat" Bear while he napped)

Today is Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, and it is Trot's birthday.  As my dogs have always been rescues with sketchy birth dates, I pick a holiday closest to when we first begin our journey together and then set my dog's birthday to that; for Trot, oh so long ago, that meant early November.

Today Trot is no longer with me and my family.  He died two weeks ago.  Today will be difficult as his death, and anniversary of a birthday, are so close together, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Halloween/ Day of the Dead/All Saints Day/ All Souls Day- these events line up side by side in days right now.  I have always embraced them for their true portrayal of life having a clear cut beginning and end.  We are, all of us, mortals after all.  It's a lesson I thought I fully knew, but lately keep getting tested on month after month.

Today on Dia de los Muertos my lesson is this: to comprehend that Trot will no longer be with us, and to celebrate the hell out of our time had together here on Earth.  Goodspeed old boy.  We miss you.