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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Boston: Part 2 Aquarium and Faneuil Hall

There was one little kink in our Boston visit: Champ was involved with his professional work for the vast majority of the day.  That translated in me being entirely responsible for the welfare of the children- what a blow!!!  So when our first day of exploring Boston arrived and the boys looked at me eagerly, I took a deep breath, said a prayer, double checked all my notes and maps and then stepped us out on the town.

That picture up there is from our T ride as we were making our way to the aquarium.  It was Ace's first time on a subway system and he was delighted.  It was my first time on a subway system solo with kids- tooootally different experience than riding without 'em.


 After the aquarium, we headed over to Faneuil Hall so the boys could walk up and down the bountiful hall of food until they each found the perfect lunch...


It comes as no big shocker that in the end all three of us opted for our New England favorite: Clam chowder!  


We explored the area with no true destination in mind and discovered all sorts of wonderful and new to me nooks and crannies in the city.  Eventually I herded us into a T station and pointed us in the direction of our hotel.  Our last stop before meeting back up with Champ?  A three story TJ Max!  I mean, how could I possibly pass up that opportunity? 


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boston Part 1


Two key items of note before I begin here.  First: it was the dogs' first time with an "official" dog sitter.  I cannot fathom how anyone would enjoy staying with our massive bodied bed- hoggers, but our sitter did.  I am so very grateful.  Second: Winter Storm Stella only succeeded in delaying (but not cancelling!) our travel to Boston.  See?  We got there eventually...

 And then, as per the boys' ingrained rule, we unpacked and went swimming.


They would have been delighted enough with all that since at that point they didn't know the magic Boston held for them.  Soon enough they began to realize that the city contained even more delights than the pool did... or almost more, anyway.  Stay tuned for "Boston Part 2".