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Sunday, April 16, 2017

That side of Easter


The pre-school spring concert has concluded, and the Easter bread prepped and baked while Godspell blasted from the record player.  The Resurrection tomb eagerly created and acted out.  We have discussed the story of Passover and this year introduced matzo ball soup and unleavened bread to our Holy Week traditions.  We have visited the Stations, said our Penance, and eaten our lamb dinner while watching the necessary movie.  We have venerated the Cross and attended Easter Vigil.  The mass where- in the dark, candlelit glow of the church with incense thick- it all came together for us.  This year more than ever our family needed to strongly, firmly participate in Holy Week.  It has been a rough few months; the release felt sitting in that pew under the full banner and glory of God was as healing and therapeutic as He promises.  I will be sharing this side of Easter with all it's giggles and candy and Ham soon, but right here right now I still sit in awe and contemplation over this past week of worship.

 Wishing you a blessed and most happy Easter, friends!

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